DIY Disaster

I was so excited to start working in the sewing room on Monday.  Got the paint at Home Depot and emptied the room out.  About half way around the room, I needed to move the sewing table so I could work on that side of the room.  I picked up one end to slide it into the middle of the room and heard a CRACK!!! And the legs on the opposite end of the table came off the table and the whole table collapsed.

It was like slow motion.  I watched everything slide off the table and tip over--the paint tray, the open gallon of paint, a bunch of nails, screws, the phone, my coffee, and other tools.  I just stood there for a second taking it all in.  I didn't even know what to rescue first!!

Here's the damage:
I scraped up as much as I could.
It ran down the wall and onto the moulding and onto the carpet.  I used the paintstick to scrape it back into the gallon.  There was dust and fuzz mixed in, a bunch of nails, too.  Ugh, it was ugly.  And here's the worst part--my poor table!
I love this table. It has huge sentimental value, so I am going to try to fix it.
 Luckily, we have a carpet steamer here, so I put it right to work and got the job started.  It wasn't strong enough, though, to get everything up, so I rented a commercial version from the grocery store.  That did the trick and the stain is hardly noticable.  I'll post the "after" pics later.  Time to paint the trim!

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