DIY Bottlecaps

This was a fun, quick project.  Here's all you need to create the bottlecap magnets or pushpins: bottlecaps, stickers, clear epoxy stickers, 1-inch punch, magnets, thumbtacks, rubber mallet, hot glue gun. 
After doing a little research, I bought bottle caps that had never been used.  They're bright and shiny, and they're not dented, either.  The first step is to use a rubber mallet and pound the edges until they're rounded.  I did this on the basement floor--you definitely don't want to do it on any surface that you don't want marred.
The caps on the left haven't yet been pounded--just a few gentle taps with the mallet (keeping the inside of the bottle cap facing up) turns those sharp edges downward.

See how easily they turn under into perfect little circles?

Then I moved over to the craft table for the next part.  I bought some cute stickers that were in a circle shape, but they were a little too big to go inside the bottlecap, so I used my 1-inch punch to make them the perfect size. 

I set the sticker inside each bottlecap and then put the epoxy sticker on top of that.  I press the epoxy sticker down--you can see I have a little more adhering to do around the edges.
Here are the ones I made today:

I wanted to try these as magnets, and I used a sheet-type magnet (like for a business card), but the bottlecaps are a little too heavy.  I'll need to get the button-type magnet that will hold something a little heavier, but I love the way they look on the black fridge.  I made a set of these into pushpins by hot-gluing a flat-top thumbtack onto the back.  I'm going to give these a try on my bulletin board before making any more--I want to be sure the hot glue really holds the bottlecap on. I could try one of the craft adhesives I have, too.

This is another set of stickers I used. I like these colors, too. Kind of muted.


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