The Before

I am getting ready to start the sewing room makeover.  It was never "made" in the first place, so I'm not sure this is even considered a makeOVER.  It's just a room that's finally getting done!
I remembered to take some before photos, so I can document the progress made.  Here's what it looks like now:
Lots to clean out before I get started.
The sewing table sticks out into the middle of the room.  I like to have the TV or ipod on while I work, so that will pretty much stay that way.  I am not totally in love with the chrome shelving unit, but I do like that it's open, so I guess it's staying.  The denim curtains will stay, but I'll add those valences I made above them.  I'm going to paint the walls a medium gray and paint the trim white.  I think it will look very smart. You can see the paint chip on the wall in the photo below.  It'll be the bottom color.
The sewing table and big, blank wall behind it.
 I am not exactly sure what to do with that big, blank wall behind the sewing table.  I used to have a bulletin board on it, but that got moved downstairs when the scrapbooking area moved into the basement.  I am considering getting several empty frames, painting them white, and using them to highlight different things.  Still working on this idea...we'll see.
The closet--not exactly sure if there will be any makeover here.
Yeah, I don't really see anything much happening here.  I like having the fabric in the closet where it won't get faded, and my winter clothes are now stored in there, too.  And since this is another spare bedroom (#3, in fact!!), there are linens for the blow-up mattress here as well.  I might just close those doors and not think about any changes there.
The windows and bookshelf before.
The bookshelf in the middle of the photo is just a little particle board shelf, but I have big plans for it.  I'm going to adhere fabric onto the back surface and paint the actual case and shelves gray.  I think it will look awesome with a bright yellow/orange background.  I may move it to the opposite side of the room where the new chaise lounge from Ikea will go.  That's sitting in the garage ready to be moved in after the painting is finished.  Then it will be a nice little reading nook, and I think I'll paint the floor lamp that's in there, too, so it will match. 

So the big question is, how long will this take?  I'm giving myself until Saturday to get it put together.  Tuesday and Wednesday are full of non-house obligations, so that gives me Monday, 1/2 day Tuesday, 1/2 day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Totally do-able, right?

Getting so excited!!

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