Little Shamrocks!

I made these cute little shamrocks, or clovers, or whatever I am supposed to call them---for St. Patrick's Day.  I gave them to the paraprofessionals I work with at my school, and to a few other friends, too. 
The yarn was called "shamrock," and it had little green metallic flecks in it, so it looked great!
I also sent an envelope of them to my sister for her to give to her colleagues, only to have it come back to me the next week needing 20 cents postage!! That was disappointing, although I suppose I don't have to make any next year for her.

Here's where I got the pattern:


March Bunting

I was such a hard worker last weekend and got the St. Patrick's Day bunting cut, sewn, assembled, and hung.  I just love it!
Here's a picture of mine.  I did a pattern this time, starting in the middle with my favorite fabric and then putting pairs of pennants on either side.  I did a shamrock pattern and then a generic green pattern, and I really love the way it turned out.

 Below is the one I made for my sister.  I did hers with nine different fabrics and no "just green" fabric.  they're all shamrock patterns.  I even put a Snoopy shamrock pennant in the middle, just for fun.  Her five-year-old loves it!

Meanwhile, I went a little crazy and bought Easter fabric, watermelon fabric for summer, and even beachy fabric!! Can't wait to get the whole year finished!

In other news, I also updated my Etsy store, Willow Branch Designs, and relisted the few things I have for sale.