Finishing Touches in the Sewing Room

Summer is winding down--only a week and a day to go before I'm back at school again.  I've accomplished more this summer than past summers, so I feel pretty good about everything.  I'd really like to finish up the sewing room, and my good friend Jenny is coming over on Sunday to help with a few little bits (she doesn't know exactly what yet, but she has such a good eye that she's the only one I trust to help me). 
Today, I started two button projects: a little wall hanging and a clock.  All I did was lay out the buttons that I want on the clock today.  I'm not thrilled with the fabric I picked; it's a little too khaki.  It doesn't look great against the grey walls, so I'm still in the planning stages of that.

But the wall hanging was so cute and easy. The original idea came from the Freckled Nest blog back on May 3rd--Spring Button Flowers.  I know it's August and I should be thinking about fall! Ooh, I did see a fabulous applique tree/leaves pillow...but that's for another day! Oh, well.  I followed her directions with just one change--I started stitching the stem at the bottom, where the 'invisible line' is.  That way, I finished it up at the top where the button was, and I could tie off my threads up there.  I felt like I had a more precise point at the line when it was the beginning of my stiching instead of the end.  But other than that, I just followed her guidelines and here's the project:

First, I planned where the buttons would go and stitched them on with
yellow thread, then I drew the horizon line and stem lines lightly with a
marker that would wash off.

I started by going in and out of the fabric but then switched to
this method of doing three or four stitches at once.

I'll wash it tonight to get out the sewing ink, then cut off the
extra fabric (I just tucked it under here), and then hang it
in the sewing room.

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