Digitize Them

A friend sent me a link to an article in the NY Times about a company that will digitize pictures for a reasonable price. Here's the link.
ScanMyPhotos.com is the company in the article, and I like what I see. I am sure that I have over 1,000 photos, so I'll probably go for the "fill the box" option. I was so worried about what to do with the pictures, but this is a reasonable option.



Delta! Delta! Delta!
What an amazing crop it was!! The Tridelts really know how to do it right!! I got there a little before 9 am and stayed until about 12:30 am. AND I was SO DARN ORGANIZED!!! I had all the layouts planned and in order, which is definitely my new favorite way to scrap. Never again will I drag around that huge tote and all my paper holders. I will spend a few hours getting organized before heading out and just take what I need. So worth it.

Here's a picture of my favorite layout from Saturday. OK, it's above my post. Why can I never get the pictures where I want them? Some of my table mates helped with the colors and the ribbon. They were all so nice, and we will hopefully scrap together sometime soon.

I won prizes, too! I won a table prize, which was a bag chock-full of embellishments and tools. Stuff I have no idea how to even use! I got some Heidi Swapp stuff--I just LOVE her! I love reading her blog, especially her Olympic updates. I also won a door prize, which was a page kit from MM. Very cool. And we got a goodie tote and even a t-shirt. It was really great.


8 AM to 1 AM

That's how long the next crop is that I am going to on Saturday. How many hours is that...12 plus 5. Seventeen hours of scrapping!!! OMG.

The local chapter of Tridelts is holding the crop in a vacant store right next to a Scrapbooking store (how cool is that!), and for only $40, I will get food, a t-shirt, AND a goodie bag! I have to say, this may be way cooler than the crops I usually do with my CM person. It certainly seems like a better deal, hours-wise and freebies-wise. And the proceeds go to a good cause, which makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I have been thinking about getting a Powerlayout box from CM to get organized prior to going, but then I always worry about changing my mind when I already have things picked out. I think the Powersort method takes away some of the creativity and spontaneity of the craft. I will just have to pare down, as I only have 3 feet of space to work in. Sigh...


The Box is Gone

That box full of albums (above) is no more. I have taken out every photo and piece of memorabilia from the albums and put them into CM power sort boxes.
What a lovely trip down memory lane. Most of the pictures are undated and unmarked, but every so often, I'd find one that had writing on the back, a description or identification. It was so much fun.
I ruined two pictues, which I think was pretty good. Many of the photos were stuck to those old magnetic sticky pages, and it took some work to get them off.
Now I have to sort through them and figure that part out.


Got Started

Yep, I got started in the scrapbook room again. I spent an entire afternoon there trying to make sense of the mess. For a few months now, I've just piled bags and boxes on top of the table while I've been working on other projects (mainly sewing).

I've gone through about 1/2 of the photos in those old albums in the header picture. So far, all I've done is get them out of the albums and into a CM sort box. There is absolutely no order to it at all, but at least the albums are going into the garbage. I'll finish that project tomorrow or Monday and then start thinking about step 2, which will be to organize the pictures somehow.


Feeling the itch

I am feeling like I want to do some scrapping. I have not worked on it in forever, which is usually how these things go.

Our LSS (the one I wrote about last post) is closing, and I went there to use up my store credit. I bought so much paper; it was crazy!! I ended up spending $97, which was almost &20 more than I had in credit, but that's okay. I suppose I have to organize some stuff before actually scrapbooking. And CM had a few things on clearance for 1/2 price, so I bought some paper organizers (good thing!).

When I look at the picture of our little pup (who is now 50 pounds of not-so-little-pup!!), I can't wait to do some layouts of him. I guess I'd better stop thinking about it and start DOING!!



So I am not totally thrilled with the results of the Yard Sale. I made a list of everything I took there along with how much I'd listed stuff for. On Thursday night, the store called me to remind me to pick up the stuff I had left over, so I went right over. I had about 6-7 things, mostly stickers, my Totally Cool tote, my quickcutz and a book. That's it. When I subtracted these things from what I took there, I should've made $104.50, but I store credit of only $78.50. That's a difference of 26 dollars, and I am not sure what to do. I wasn't told to expect any loss, but I know what retail is like. I know that things get taken, but $26 dollars worth, out of 100? That's a pretty big percentage.
Maybe when I go back to the store to spend some of my account money, I'll mention it and see what they say.


Yard Sale

Today was fun! Our LSS, The Cropper's Corner, had their semi-annual yard sale. It started today and finishes up tomorrow, actually. For the first time, I found a bunch of stuff to sell at the yard sale, cleaning out tons of old stickers and accessories that I don't use anymore.

I went by after lunch and bought a few things, but truthfully, there wasn't much there that I was interested in. I got a year of Creating Keepsakes magazine for $5.00 and a few stickers and quilled paper stickers. My total was just over $8.00 for everything.

The good news is that I've already sold over $40 worth of stuff!! I added up everything that I took over, and it was just under $200, so there's still quite a bit there to sell, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I get 100% of the money in store credit, which I am sure I will have no trouble using!


Something New to Scrapbook

This is our new little guy. He is an 11 week old Black Lab puppy, who, at this moment, is nameless. We're still waiting for something to strike us. He is very sweet and very good, and I am sure he'll have many pages in the next scrapbook!


What have I gotten myself into?

Last week, I visited my parents' house in Pennsylvania. My dad was showing off his new cuckoo clock, a clock he bought to replace the one they lost in the 1972 flood. I remembered a photo of that clock on the water-damaged wall of our old house, so I went digging. And digging. And digging. Finally I found it! The clock my dad bought recently is almost exactly like the one my uncle had brought back for us when he was stationed in Germany in the late 60's. Very cool.
Anyway, while I was looking through all the pictures, I asked my dad if I could take them home to organize them and get them out of the bad albums. The above pictures are all the photos I could find in their house. There was no storage plan there. Some of the photos have been in albums since the 70's and 80's. More recent photos are still in their packages or in rubber bands. Every so often, a photo from 1945 is mixed in with packs from last year. Pretty much in every drawer I opened, no matter what room of the house, I found pictures.
I have my work cut out for me. I think that I'll organize all the photos chronologically and then digitize them--or maybe just some of them. And with the digital photos, I'll create some digital scrapbooks for my parents and my sisters. The photos themselves will go into storage all together and organized by year. This is the plan. We'll see how it goes.