The Before

I am getting ready to start the sewing room makeover.  It was never "made" in the first place, so I'm not sure this is even considered a makeOVER.  It's just a room that's finally getting done!
I remembered to take some before photos, so I can document the progress made.  Here's what it looks like now:
Lots to clean out before I get started.
The sewing table sticks out into the middle of the room.  I like to have the TV or ipod on while I work, so that will pretty much stay that way.  I am not totally in love with the chrome shelving unit, but I do like that it's open, so I guess it's staying.  The denim curtains will stay, but I'll add those valences I made above them.  I'm going to paint the walls a medium gray and paint the trim white.  I think it will look very smart. You can see the paint chip on the wall in the photo below.  It'll be the bottom color.
The sewing table and big, blank wall behind it.
 I am not exactly sure what to do with that big, blank wall behind the sewing table.  I used to have a bulletin board on it, but that got moved downstairs when the scrapbooking area moved into the basement.  I am considering getting several empty frames, painting them white, and using them to highlight different things.  Still working on this idea...we'll see.
The closet--not exactly sure if there will be any makeover here.
Yeah, I don't really see anything much happening here.  I like having the fabric in the closet where it won't get faded, and my winter clothes are now stored in there, too.  And since this is another spare bedroom (#3, in fact!!), there are linens for the blow-up mattress here as well.  I might just close those doors and not think about any changes there.
The windows and bookshelf before.
The bookshelf in the middle of the photo is just a little particle board shelf, but I have big plans for it.  I'm going to adhere fabric onto the back surface and paint the actual case and shelves gray.  I think it will look awesome with a bright yellow/orange background.  I may move it to the opposite side of the room where the new chaise lounge from Ikea will go.  That's sitting in the garage ready to be moved in after the painting is finished.  Then it will be a nice little reading nook, and I think I'll paint the floor lamp that's in there, too, so it will match. 

So the big question is, how long will this take?  I'm giving myself until Saturday to get it put together.  Tuesday and Wednesday are full of non-house obligations, so that gives me Monday, 1/2 day Tuesday, 1/2 day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Totally do-able, right?

Getting so excited!!


Updates on Projects

I have been having so much fun working around the house--it's about 100 degrees outside, so inside projects are definitely the way to go these days.
First, here's the laundry room.  I painted it a soft yellow, hung a valence that I made, and mod-podged the switchplates.  Heres are some pictures:

I don't love the way these turned out--
they don't quite fit flush anymore because of the bulk of the fabric.
In the sewing room, I have been planning the new space.  I picked out the paint color, and my sister and I got a chaise longue from Ikea that we'll put up there once the space is done.  There's a lot to do in there, but this is one of my favorite additions--the bottle lamp.  My sister gave it to me in probably 1987 or so, and this lamp has been up and down the east coast and is still in one piece.  Amazing, really.  I found some fabulous trim at Hobby Lobby for $11.99 a yard.  While I would've loved to trim the valences in it, that's just a little too pricey for me.  So I bought a yard and a half (with a 40% off coupon!) to trim the lamp. Check it out:
I had a smidge extra trim, so I cut the buttons off and decorated the lampshade.

Isn't it just the cutest trim ever?!?! Perfect for a sewing room!

The lamp is currently on an old tomato box, now filled with yarn.
When we get back from the beach, I'll be painting the sewing room a light grey, the trim white, hanging the valences, setting up the new chaise, and getting some blank frames to hang on the bare wall.  Still thinking about that last idea, but I'll work something out. I'll try to remember to post before and after pictures, not just after pictures!!


DIY frenzy

It's been crazy around here this weekend and into the week. The more I look at pinterest, the more ideas that fill my head and make me not sleep. Today, I painted the laundry room. i had to stop short, though, because I ran out of paint (I hate that!) and while I went to Home Depot for a bit more, I also dropped off two bags of clothes at Goodwill. The attendant asked if I wanted a receipt and coupon, and at first, I said no, but then my brain took hold of COUPON. Into the store I went. I scored a chalkboard and a large galvanized steel bucket for just over nine dollars together. i was really hoping for a TV tray table, but so far, no luck. A lazy Susan would be nice, too, but nothin' doing there, either. I will finish the laundry room tomorrow and post pictures. That reminds me that I need to get better at taking "before" pictures. Also on my list: adding some gorgeous trim to my new lampshade, painting the sewing room, finishing the valences, modge-podging the sewing table with little fabric scraps, painting my yucky office/scrapbooking chair and re-upholstering it, and I am sure 10 moremthings... It will be a busy week! Pics tomorrow!



I should rename my blog--I am in a very crafty mood these days! Ever since I discovered Pinterest, my creative juices have been flowing like crazy.  I can look on that site for hours, and it helps me decide what's my style and what's not. Yesterday, I spent a few hours scouring the antique stores downtown, looking for a lazy Susan.  Well, I started at Walmart, no luck.  Then I went exploring.  I found two of them; they're not exactly what I was looking for, but with a little spraypaint and creativity, I can make them into something I like.  I'll post pictures when that project is finished.
Meanwhile, I worked on this cute little decoration for the sewing room. The chipboard "J" was $1.99 at Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft store ever.  I just started hot-gluing buttons until they covered the whole thing.  I love it. It's about nine inches tall, I think. It will look cute on the wall in the sewing room.

I am still in the middle of a curtain project for the sewing and laundry rooms.  I got the idea for these valences from an old scrapbooking magazine that I was going through, and I went through my fabric stash to use up some bits. I am so in love with the valence!!
You can click on the picture to see the whole room and lots of great storage ideas.  That's Erikia Ghumm's stuff. Here's the inspiration:
from bhg

Here's my version--the before and after.  I am going to paint the room a light grey color and paint the trim white, so it's not totally complete yet, but I already love, love, love it.

The before--denim tab-top curtains.

The after--how darling is that?

That was a fun project.  My sister helped me go through my stash and line up the fabrics, and then I cut out the pieces and used the serger to put them together. I've never used that kind of trim before, and I hemmed the curtains with it--I love the white trim against the denim curtains--it will look great once the room is painted, too, with white trim (instead of that god-awful contractor off-white everything).

OK, the last project from yesterday was this cute little footstool for the scrapbooking table.  I like to prop my feet up when I'm working, and I've been using my scrapping tote since I moved the room downstairs.  I realized that I was ruining the tote, so I set off to find a footstool.  I made this awesome find at Hobby Lobby.  It was listed at $27.99, and it was stained.  When I took it to the cashier, I pointed out the problems and asked if the manager could maybe make me a deal.  A deal she made!! She asked me if I'd buy it for $2.79.  DEAL!!!!!!!!  90% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it was hideous to start with:
Picture this in black and white vinyl.  Ugh.
Here's the after--now it matches my fabulous bulletin board I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  I added a layer of batting under the fabric because I could still see the cowprint coming through under the new fabric. 
Frida Kahlo fabric footstool
I made sure to center the Frida image at the top of the footstool, and it looks great! I love the way this turned out.

I have a few more Pinterest-inspired projects to get to this week--laundry room painted a sunny yellow, finish up the valences, print out a couple of cool pictures for the laundry room, work on the lazy Susans for the scrapbooking space (sanding, painting, embellishing), and create an ironing board from a TV tray table.  Lots to do!!



Oh, my.  I have spent an inordinate amount of time these past few days on pinterest.com.  It is so much fun.  I love looking at all the pictures--fabulous products, ideas, and design.  The DIY section has given me so many ideas. I'm going to try to imbed a link to pinterest here on my blog.  Check it out!

I just can't wait to give my home some style.  I'm working in the sewing room today, creating some valences that I saw in a picture in one of the scrapbooking magazines I was going through last week.  Of course, I will post photos to pinterest when I'm done!!


Crop Tonight!!

     So excited to be going to our CM consultant's house tonight for a crop! My sister is going with me, and that always makes it more fun.  Can't wait!! I did some power layouts this week, so I don't have to drag all my stuff with me, and that makes me REALLY happy!!