Sewing Room Before/After

It is finished!! It took an entire week from start to end, but the sewing room makeover is done.  (Well, almost...I have a few things to hang up, but I haven't decided where to put them yet.) Last Monday, I started by moving everything out of the room and painting the walls grey.  After breaking the sewing table and spilling a gallon of paint on the floor, which put me behind by a day, I finished painting.

Then I painted the lamp and bookshelf.  I reassembled the bookshelf with fabric on the back wall.  I put together the Ikea chaise longue, and created a pressing table out of a TV tray.  Then I used the big drill and fixed that sewing table good! 
The before--looking into the room from the doorway.

The after
The before--looking from the back corner.

The after.
The fixed-up sewing table and pressing table.

The pressing table, chaise longue, and bookshelf.
I think that the bookshelf was the most dramatic part of the project--from a cherry-colored particle board boring bookshelf to something exciting and fun to look at! I found the fabric at Hancock Fabrics where all the home decor fabrics were 50% off--yea!!

The last thing I did, which was the first part of the project started, was to finish the fabric valences.  I just adore them, right down to their little white pom-pom trim!


Denise said...

It is all wonderful!! I love the bookshelf and the pressing table especially !!!

Christine76 said...

It looks great! I'm so jealous that you have a sewing room AND a scrapbooking space.

Jann said...

This is what happens when one has no children!! Actually, both used to be in the sewing room, but when we got the basement done, I moved the scrapbooking stuff down there so I didn't have to hole myself away when I felt like scrapping. But the sewing machines are too loud to co-exist with living space. :)