One More Quick Fix

So I bought this cute little, what-should-I-call-it--crafty curio display?--thing at a craft show last year.  It was only $7.00, just cute as a button, but it has just sat around since then.  I never hung it on the wall, and that was mostly because it was a little too 'country' for me.  It is made from a yardstick that's been carefully cut and glued back together to make this house frame.  It's mounted on fabric covered board and has a hanging hook in the back.  It's about 10 inches tall and about 6 inches wide.  It will look cute with some thimbles, needle cases, and old spools in it, I think.
The background fabric has little bluebirds on it, and while I like bluebirds, this just didn't do it for me. So last night, after I finished the clock, I set about putting different fabric on the back.  I started by trying to peel off the green felt that covered the back.  Nope.  That felt was going nowhere.  So Plan B--just cover the thing with the new fabric.  Nope.  I could see those little bluebirds through the chevron fabric.  Ugh.  Plan C: somehow cut off the bluebird fabric.  This little house is practically indestructable.  I had to cut it off, and cut the batting from the fabric.  I don't know what kind of glue the creator used, but I think we should use it for building houses.  Who needs nails?!?! Now the front goes with the rest of the room and matches the bookshelf and pressing table.

Finally, finally, I put the new fabric on and glued it to the back. It's not as neat as the original back, but I'm not too worried. The back will be against the wall and no one will see it. 

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