My New Space

Here it is! Almost finished, but already being used.  The scrapbooking space has moved to the newly-finished basement, and I totally love it.  I have lots of storage and all my favorite things all around for inspiration. 

The fathead is my favorite baseball player, Mariano Rivera.  That storage cabinet is full of pictures and paper, Cricut cartridges and embellishments.  The bulletin board is really my "favorites" board--pictures and inspiration of all kinds.  The new bulletin board on my chair was made by a new friend, Amy, and I'm trying to decide where to put it.  Here's a great close-up of it:
I bought the fabric for it, and Amy put it together--she has a great sense of color.  I love the ribbon and the buttons, which complement the fabric perfectly.  I'm actually thinking that when we paint the walls, that ribbon fabric would be a great color.  It's a light taupe.

I just picked up this bookshelf at Hobby Lobby, and I think it's perfect for the space.  The shelves are spaced far enough apart to hold the 12 X 12 albums, and I still have three more to bring downstairs.  It's so nice to have everything together!
The best part of this space is that it is just next to the living space, not separate from it.  Before, I'd be in an upstairs bedroom, completely isolated from the rest of the house, but now it's part of the room with the great new sectional and TV.


Woah. Where did the time go?

     Really?!?!? Has it been almost 3 years since my last post?  That is ridiculous. I took a break from scrapbooking for almost a year while I worked on some professional development stuff at work. And then we got the basement finished and I moved all the scrapping stuff to the basement.  My new area is great--I love it and the fact that it's not tucked away in an upstairs bedroom space.  Here's a picture:
I've added a bulletin board on that wall to the right.  It has more of my favorite things on it, and just today I bought a bookshelf that will go on the wall next to the window (on the left side--out of the picture).  That will hold the albums I've completed and a few decorative items. 
I've been busy with scrapbooking events, but I haven't gotten very far in my own scrapbooking.  The PTA at my school sponsored a crop at the beginning of May, and that was a blast.  Since I was in charge of it, I didn't get much done at all, but it definitely got me in the mood!  My CM consultant had a crop at her house in the middle of June, and I did get a few pages done there, oh, and I went to National Scrapbook Day back in April.  But I was working on the nametags for my school's crop, so I didn't actually do any of my own scrapbooking.
I am currently scrapping Christmas of 2009, which isn't too far back, really.  I'm excited about the page I'm working on and will post a photo of it when it's finished.