Creative Memories--Sad Memories

I'm just so sad about CM's recent bankruptcy filing and changes in their business model.  I get it that they have to change and keep up with trends.  Apparently, scrapbooking was a fad and it's over now.  I heard that from a CM consultant, and it really bummed me out.

CM is what I got started with way back in 1996 or 1997 with scrapbooking.  I remember the first event I went to in someone's basement, and when I look back at those early layouts--the triangle corners and strips of paper--oh! They crack me up!! Scrapbooking, and CM, have come a long way.

Through all the years and changes in scrapbooking, though, CM is still at the core of what I do.  I have made 7 "daily life" albums, a baseball album, a wedding album, and a Rome album all with CM albums.  I only use their adhesive, and while I use lots of different papers, I have a huge stash of CM stuff.

There's just so much uncertainty right now that it's unsettling.  Not knowing which products will remain with the company (if they continue to exist), I've purchased enough albums, pages, protectors, and adhesive to finish 10 albums.  I figured that was a good round number to stop on, if I have to change materials.  Not knowing if they'll still be around or what will still be sold is bugging me.

Something I've been keeping an eye on lately is eBay and CM products for sale.  The prices are already OUTRAGEOUS!!! I can't believe how much money people are willing to pay for items that are still actually available through the CM website, like pages and protectors.  Albums, too, for that matter! By far the most ridiculous prices people are paying are for these little guys:

People are paying upwards of $60 for these things on eBay!! I can't believe it! I know they're unavailable on the CM website, but I can only hope that another company will buy the trademark and manufacture them.  Otherwise, I'll be cutting paper with dull blades soon, because there's no way I'm paying $60 for them!

Another thing going for crazy amounts of money on eBay are pages and page protectors.  Check out this listing:
I suppose this price isn't too bad yet, considering what they retail for through CM (where they are still available, mind you), but I'm willing to bet they'll sell for twice as much in just 7 short hours.

I've been reading blogs about the demise of CM, and truly, I feel bad for the consultants who have invested so much of their money and time into building scrapbooking businesses.  These people will either have to change with the company (whatever that is--no one is saying), or leave it all together.