Irene's Plans

I had plans for this weekend, and none of them involved sitting at home listening to the wind buffet the house, the rain pound the windows, and the electricity flicker on and off.  Hurricane Irene has her own plans and I am at her mercy.
I got a surprise in the mail today, a package from a seller on Ebay.  I bought this to put in that little curio cabinet thing I worked on last week:
I took off the thread from most of the spools and put them on the cabinet bare.  They look so cool. 
And now I have two needle cases...is that an official collection?

Then I worked on finishing some paper piecing that I started about seven or eight years ago.  I found the leaves sitting among a bunch of scraps, so I thought about putting them on a wall hanging.  Jenny helped me pick fabric for around the piecings, and as I worked on it, I decided to make a pillow instead of a wall hanging.  I ordered a form from Jo-Ann's, so when it comes in and I get it together, I'll post a picture. But here's the casing of the pillow:

I'd like to work on some bunting for one of the walls in the sewing room, so I've been studying lots of bunting examples online.  I think I need to get some seam binding to use across the top of the bunting.  I have some bright green quilt binding (who knows why!!), but that's a little too wide for the bunting project.  So I'll work on the pieces tomorrow and put them together next weekend.

Just in case Hurricane Irene takes out our power (the worst is yet to come, we're being told), I've been thinking about some power-less projects I can do tomorrow.  I'm listing them so that I'll remember what I want to get done someday:
1.  organize the fabric in the sewing closet by color
2.  cut bunting
3.  put together the scrapbook paper files
4.  cut out the valences for the basement
If only I had an old sewing machine with the treadle, I could sew all day tomorrow!!

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