Yard Sale

Today was fun! Our LSS, The Cropper's Corner, had their semi-annual yard sale. It started today and finishes up tomorrow, actually. For the first time, I found a bunch of stuff to sell at the yard sale, cleaning out tons of old stickers and accessories that I don't use anymore.

I went by after lunch and bought a few things, but truthfully, there wasn't much there that I was interested in. I got a year of Creating Keepsakes magazine for $5.00 and a few stickers and quilled paper stickers. My total was just over $8.00 for everything.

The good news is that I've already sold over $40 worth of stuff!! I added up everything that I took over, and it was just under $200, so there's still quite a bit there to sell, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I get 100% of the money in store credit, which I am sure I will have no trouble using!

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