Feeling the itch

I am feeling like I want to do some scrapping. I have not worked on it in forever, which is usually how these things go.

Our LSS (the one I wrote about last post) is closing, and I went there to use up my store credit. I bought so much paper; it was crazy!! I ended up spending $97, which was almost &20 more than I had in credit, but that's okay. I suppose I have to organize some stuff before actually scrapbooking. And CM had a few things on clearance for 1/2 price, so I bought some paper organizers (good thing!).

When I look at the picture of our little pup (who is now 50 pounds of not-so-little-pup!!), I can't wait to do some layouts of him. I guess I'd better stop thinking about it and start DOING!!

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