8 AM to 1 AM

That's how long the next crop is that I am going to on Saturday. How many hours is that...12 plus 5. Seventeen hours of scrapping!!! OMG.

The local chapter of Tridelts is holding the crop in a vacant store right next to a Scrapbooking store (how cool is that!), and for only $40, I will get food, a t-shirt, AND a goodie bag! I have to say, this may be way cooler than the crops I usually do with my CM person. It certainly seems like a better deal, hours-wise and freebies-wise. And the proceeds go to a good cause, which makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I have been thinking about getting a Powerlayout box from CM to get organized prior to going, but then I always worry about changing my mind when I already have things picked out. I think the Powersort method takes away some of the creativity and spontaneity of the craft. I will just have to pare down, as I only have 3 feet of space to work in. Sigh...

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