DIY frenzy

It's been crazy around here this weekend and into the week. The more I look at pinterest, the more ideas that fill my head and make me not sleep. Today, I painted the laundry room. i had to stop short, though, because I ran out of paint (I hate that!) and while I went to Home Depot for a bit more, I also dropped off two bags of clothes at Goodwill. The attendant asked if I wanted a receipt and coupon, and at first, I said no, but then my brain took hold of COUPON. Into the store I went. I scored a chalkboard and a large galvanized steel bucket for just over nine dollars together. i was really hoping for a TV tray table, but so far, no luck. A lazy Susan would be nice, too, but nothin' doing there, either. I will finish the laundry room tomorrow and post pictures. That reminds me that I need to get better at taking "before" pictures. Also on my list: adding some gorgeous trim to my new lampshade, painting the sewing room, finishing the valences, modge-podging the sewing table with little fabric scraps, painting my yucky office/scrapbooking chair and re-upholstering it, and I am sure 10 moremthings... It will be a busy week! Pics tomorrow!

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