Ordering Photos!

I just ordered bunches of Christmas photos to be printed.  I thought that was where I was in my scrapbooking...until I took a look at my scrapbook.  It turns out I haven't done any pages since the end of September.  So all my fall photos and Thanksgiving pictures were still just on the computer.  So this morning, I sent those pictures off for printing.  I take advantage of the online coupons for developing, and I got all these for 5 cents each through York Photo.  I don't really have a favorite photo printing place--I wonder what the consensus is out there? I do think that York and Clark are the same company, just different names.  And I've been using them since I would send my film rolls off to them when I was in high school with the check folded up inside that wonky envelope--do you remember those days?!?!

I have used Walgreens photo center to order online photos, but I wasn't terrible impressed with the quality.  I don't know, truly, if it was just some of the files that were low resolution, but I didn't love all those pictures.  The place was convenient to where I was cropping, but unless I'm in a pinch, I don't think I'll be using Walgreens again.  Their ordering site is a clumsy, too.  I once did a big order (400+ photos) and it slowed the site down to a crawl.  I always prepaid my order so I could just run in and grab the photos, but the workers didn't ever seem to know that I'd prepaid, and it was always a little ordeal to discover that indeed, I had paid for it already.

Yesterday, I started getting ready for a crop I'm going to this coming weekend.  That's where I discovered that I hadn't scrapbooked anything since the late September photos.  Then I got sidetracked working on a calendar project:  I like to have a monthly calendar at my piano, and I didn't get a new one for 2013.  I had picked up calendar templates that fit inside a CD case (?!) for free at a crop last year, and some sort of modern 4X6 photo frame I'd received from a student, so I got the idea to make my own 4X6 monthly calendars.  It was kind of fun and quick, and I got to use up some stash that I probably wouldn't use in my scrapbooks.  Here are a couple of photos:

February calendar
April calendar
 I pulled out some CTMH stamps (that I have never, ever used), and that was fun.  I colored in the shapes--coloring is so therapeutic!! And since I don't need to write anything on the calendar, the numbers could fill the whole space--the whole sheet is 4X6, so each calendar block is about 1/2 inch high.   I will love looking at these as I teach piano each night. I made the calendars through June, and it'll be fun to make the rest of the   year.

Anyway, back to the photo printing.  I hope that the pictures arrive before Saturday, although I am not terribly hopeful.  If the photos don't make it in time, then I'll scrapbook my Italy trip.  I just scheduled myself to go to another crop on Feb 2, so I can scrapbook those pictures then if they don't come in.

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