So busy!!

So much has been going on lately--I love the creativity that flows during the summer.  It's all set to end soon, though, with school starting in a week.

My CM consultant, Marcia, had a ScrapOlympics competition that coincided with the Summer Olympics.  It was so much fun.  We got points for doing all sorts of things--using our stash, making digital projects, completing an album, journaling, etc.  I won the silver medal!  So exciting! A scrapping friend and I were trash-talking for two solid weeks on Facebook about it, and she killed me! She had 390 points, and I had 94.  It wasn't even close! I won a pack of pages for my efforts, though, which is very cool.

Near the end of the Olympics, I attended Crop for a Cure, a huge crop that benefits St. Jude.  What a great event! I've gone several times now, and it just keeps getting better.  We laughed pretty hard at our table--I was with a great group of friends.  One of the table prizes, won by Diane, was this fabulous stamp set:

No offense to the Mark's Finest Papers people, but really?!?!? We laughed EXTRA hard over this gift.  Somehow, I ended up with it, and let me tell you--EVERYONE at our scrapping table will be getting a buffalo birthday card this year! I particularly love the poem under the warriors.  It's a haiku!! Wow.  It's just not something you see everyday.

Tomorrow, I'm heading out to another crop.  It's a "no frills" summer crop from 9:30AM-9:30PM.  I'm just doing the first half of the day, which will be great.  We have dinner plans with some friends, so scrapping from 9:30-3:30 will be perfect.  I have to pack a lunch and take a snack to share, but I'll get to show off my silver medal from ScrapOlympics, and claim my prize.

I bought a new product after last week's crop:

I'm so excited to start embossing paper! We used this at a couple of the make-n-takes at the Crop for a Cure, and I was hooked.  It might even get me into some card making!! Hmmm...we'll see about that.

Oh, and today at A.C. Moore, I got a Cricut cartridge that I just couldn't pass up:
If you know my love for bunting, then you know this is PERFECT for me! I can't wait to try it out.  So cool.

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Hey, have you used your big shot yet, woman?!