PYJ 2013

We had a great time at the 2013 Preserve Your Journey scrapbooking event.  It's an expensive one--$129.00, but we get a lot of stuff and good food.  Some of the money goes to the church that sponsors it, too.  The event went from 3 PM to midnight Friday, and 8 AM to 8 PM on Saturday.  I didn't get there until around 7:30 Friday night:  I had an allergic reaction to some medication and was an itchy mess Thursday and Friday, so I took some Benadryl on Friday afternoon and promptly fell asleep for two hours.  Since it was also MY BIRTHDAY, we went out to dinner before I headed out to the crop.
One of my favorite make-and-takes came from a vendor, Cindy Tucker, who runs Citrus Tree Studios.  I don't know why she decided to do this instead of something scrapbook-related, but I love it!!

This is really close to the necklace I created.  We put knots in between each button, which keeps the necklace from separating like you see at the bottom of this picture.  I am going to start making these for people--they are fabulous!!
One of the weird things that we made was a fanny-pack that we decorated with a vinyl sticker and rhinestones.  Between the fact that it was a fanny pack (who WEARS those?!?!) that didn't fit me, and that I had to IRON the bling onto it, this was not a hit.  I made it, but I truly don't know what I'll do with it--probably give it away to a little kid in my life. It looked like this one below, without the logo and with three outside pockets.  It's hideous. And I ironed a pink butterfly and rhinestone bling onto it.

I got five two-page spreads finished at the crop, which isn't bad, I think.  Maybe bad if you think that there were 21 hours of crop time available to me.  Let's not think about it that way.  Between make-and-takes and visiting, and eating, there's only 1/2 of that time available for cropping!  HA!

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