Chaise Longue Makeover

I got a chaise for my birthday several years ago, and it is just my favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine and a book after a long day at work.  This year, I just couldn't get past the faded cushions, and they had a weird feel to them, too.  Looking around online, I tried to find new cushions, but the measurements I needed were rare--and expensive.  My chair is 24 inches wide, but most cushions are 21 inches wide.  So then I got the idea to just get some outdoor fabric and recover them.  I went to Hancock and found a lovely stripe in the clearance section for $9.00 a yard.  I bought three yards, came home and began working on the covers.  The whole thing, from start to finish, took under two hours.  I think the most time was spent hand-stitching one side of the cushion.

First, notice how faded the cushions are (and this was from last October!).  I even turned the bottom cushion upside-down because it was so faded.
The before! This is the only picture of the old
cushions I could find.Making an appearance as
Elvis, is my dog, Cosmo. This was his Halloween
picture from 2013.  He was not happy.
 And this is the after picture!! I googled how to sew these cushions and came upon this DIY blog.  Christy had step-by-step directions with pictures.
The after!  Notice how the stripes match up! I did
not even think about the stripes matching until I
put the two cushions together outside.  Can you
believe my good luck?!?!
Without her ideas, I wouldn't have known how to do the corners like this:
I never knew it was so easy to make corners like that! Now I want to cover all kinds of things around the house! :) I can't wait to enjoy a cold beverage and a book out there tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I was impressed with the stripe matching and the whole makeover, actually!! Great job!!