Bulletin Board B&A

A couple of months ago, my neighbors were moving and twice a week with their garbage, they threw out all kinds of treasures.  I picked up a clothing rack that I donated to the lost and found at school, and I also picked up this bulletin board:
It didn't look quite this good--it was definitely used--it even had pictures still on it!! I threw away those poor people I did not know, saved a Punky Brewster pin, and put that bulletin board away until summer.  Last week at the store, I picked up some spray paint and Frogtape (my favorite new tool!) and set to work:

First, I spraypained the whole thing yellow.  That was fun, mostly because it wasn't 104 degrees outside like today.  Then, after a few geometrical issues, I got the diamond design just how I wanted it with the Frogtape and spraypainted what was exposed with the grey paint.  The paint got a little clogged, I think because it was 104 degrees outside today.  (Hmmm...read the directions first: use between 70-90 degrees.) On the plus side, it dried really quickly.  Here is the end result.  I'm going to hang it in my sewing room. Fun and easy!!

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