I was a little late on the Valentine's Day bunting--made some for my sister on February 11 and finished mine on February 13.  I'll leave it up for a little while, but tomorrow, I'll start working on St. Patrick's Day bunting.  I have cute St. Patty's Day fabric that I can't wait to use.
Here's a picture of my sister's bunting:
And here's one of mine:
On mine, I used 11 different fabrics, but I tried to coordinate the colors and patterns--right in the middle is a fabric of conversation hearts, and then on either side is a different pink fabric with hearts, and then a deep red, then a medium red, then a white background with red, and then a medium red on the ends.  I really like the way it looks.
I talked to my nephew (who is 5) today, and he apparently told his teacher all about making bunting with me.  YIKES! I just hope he doesn't get beat up at school talking like that!

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