Border Swap!

I got these in the mail yesterday--how exciting!! I joined a swap on ScrapShare.com and it was fabulous! Our job was to make a border and one other element using CM materials. The theme was generic (that it could be used on any page). So I made five sets of my border and element and got one of mine back (the green and yellow one second from the right), along with one of everyone else's in the swap.

The borders are all awesome--totally things I would've never thought to make, but I love them all. The colors are great, the shapes are innovative, the quality is amazing.

Swapping is a little bit of pressure. First, I worry that I won't have enough paper to make five sets of something. Then, I worry about the quality of my work--people on ScrapShare are awfully picky when it comes to ragged edges or a bit of tape-runner showing (things I don't usually tolerate in my own work and wouldn't dream of sending along to someone else). But still--I used a nail file to smooth out my edges just in case they were a little too ragged for someone's taste. Oh, my.

Finally, I worry about getting an idea of what to make--what colors do I use? what shapes? when it it enough and not over the top? In looking at the sets I got back, I probably could've used another pattern or color in conjunction with my border, but oh well, I like to keep things simple.

I haven't been doing any scrapping lately. Things are still out of sorts with Dewey and my mom, and I just haven't been in the mood to scrap.

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americanmom said...

Those borders are great. How fun to do a swap. I should do that although, yes, the pressure might be too much for me, LOL.